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Financial Modeling Certifications

The FMI’s financial modeling certifications are internationally recognized credentials for advanced Microsoft Excel, financial analysis and financial modeling skills.

The FMI offers three levels of certification, gradually increasing in difficulty as candidates obtain each subsequent level:

  • Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)
  • Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)
  • Master Financial Modeler (MFM)
Each level is recognized as a separate qualification and the designation can be added to your name.

Eg. Mohammad Kasem, AFM
Globally Recognized

Each FMI certification is internationally recognized

Excel Proficiency

Demonstrates financial modeling proficiency by modeling in Excel (Computer Based Test)


The curriculum ensures that candidates are competent in all areas of financial modeling

Industry Partnerships

Supported via industry partnerships with exams developed by industry-leading experts

Three Levels of the Certification

AFM Level

This exam forms the foundation for subsequent certification levels and focuses on the skills required to design and build integrated financial models.

CFM Level

Earning the Level 2 Chartered Financial Modeler demonstrates an advanced and thorough understanding of Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis and Advanced Excel. Eligible candidates must have completed Level 1 AFM.

MFM Level

The Master Financial Modeler (MFM) is the highest level of accreditation that recognizes the Financial Modeling expertise of professionals who can perform complex forecasting, financial analysis and effectively translate business strategies into an analytical advantage.

Level I : Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

The Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) is the first of three certification levels offered by the FMI. The AFM exam tests a candidate’s technical modeling ability through building an integrated three statement model over the course of four hours. Participants who pass the exam will achieve the Advanced Financial Modeler credential.

Why earn the AFM certification?

Skill Validation
Skill Validation

Demonstrate advanced financial modeling proficiency to employers

Personal Development
Personal Development

Invest in certifications that are revered by the industry

Career Flexibility
Career Flexibility

Obtain a globally relevant skillset that is respected across multiple lines of business

AFM Exam

Our Training Solution to earn the AFM certificate


Training Session


Weekend batch

Scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm (GST)


Training Format

Choose between Live Online or Classroom sessions



Candidates have access to LMS portal that includes videos, excel exercises and mock exam with feedback

Training Program Agenda

Exam Focused

preparation led by an AFM qualified financial modeling expert


advanced excel tools and functions used in Financial Modeling


a past exam paper and build a financial model from scratch


advanced depreciation, debt repayment and revolver schedules


error checks and fully integrate the three financial statements


advanced and flexible scenario analysis cases


exam tips and know how a model is audited


a mock paper with feedback and evaluation from Kaplan experts

About the trainer

Rahul Sonthalia, CFA, CMA, AFM

Head - Financial Training

Rahul has more than 13 years of experience in the area of investment banking, equity research, macro-economic research and training. He has been teaching financial modeling and investment banking courses in UK, Singapore, and the MENA region.

He specializes in Financial Analysis, Equity valuation, Financial Modeling and exam prep training. His experience as a practitioner allows him to deliver practical and industry-relevant courses. He has delivered advanced financial modeling related programs for Sovereign wealth funds and banks in the GCC and for large asset management companies in the UK and Singapore.

He was a guest speaker on “Best Practices in Financial Modeling” at Modeloff Global World Financial Modeling championship in London.

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